At "Dubai Vape King", we prioritize the privacy of our customers and value their importance in our business relationships. Safeguarding their personal information is crucial to our corporate framework. We are dedicated to ensuring that no compromises are made when it comes to the confidentiality of our clients' data, whether it is transmitted online or leaked in any manner. Any breach of this trust is dealt with severely.

Permission to use the site
Our Store is exclusively tailored for adult customers, with a design and operation that caters specifically to their needs. It is important to note that our store is not intended to attract or engage users who are underage, as the legal age may vary depending on the region, typically being 18 or 21. As part of our policy, we do not collect personal data from any user who is underage. We have made it clear that our site is not suitable for individuals who are below the legal smoking age, and we strongly advise minors against sharing any personal information with our company.

Information that we collect
The decision to provide information on our website is entirely up to you. Please note that if you are only browsing, no data collection will take place. However, in certain instances, when you visit the site, we may require your personal details. Furthermore, collects analytics data to enhance your overall experience.

By opting to share your information on our website, we ensure that it remains completely anonymous and highly secure. This allows us to analyze the performance of our website and make necessary enhancements for a better user experience.